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 Our Pond cleaning and Water Feature Services

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We know that cleaning and maintaining your pool and water features can be a long time consuming task, well let us do the work for you.

We are taking bookings now for winter pond maintenance and  shutdowns so contact us today and book your appointment early.

Whats in this service?

Water Test (Nitrate, Nitrite, PH, GH, KH, Ammonia, Purity) Adjustments can be made to improve water conditions if required.

Water changes (depending on pond size to how much of a change we will do but normally around 20% unless of more harmful issues).

Filter strip and clean, including all pipe work and UV system (if fitted).

Pond pump strip and clean.

Water feature strip and clean (algae removal)

Sludge removal and algae clean, full pond vac (if required).

Fish health checks.

Repairs and liners inspection.

Pond vac

Pond vacuuming

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