Aquaria Services

Our aquarium cleaning & maintenance service

(Freshwater, Tropical & Marine)



We specialise in fish tank cleaning, aquarium cleaning no matter how big or small

Water testing.(Freshwater & Marine)

Chips, crack and leak check (repairs with aquarium sealent if needed).

Aquarium Substrate cleaning.

Ornament cleaning.

Aquarium Filtration system strip and cleaning.

Water change.(Salt for marine included)

Glass scrap and clean.

Hood and lighting cleaning.

Fish health check.

Administer medications (if required).


We know that cleaning and maintaining your aquarium/fish tank can be a time consuming task and can be a problem sometimes so thats why we are here to help, let us do the hard work while you sit back and admire your aquarium in the best condition its ever been.


We do the hard work so you dont have too


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Aquarium cleaning/fish tank cleaning

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